Born in Milan, Sveva Camurati grows up at her grandma’s haute couture atelier while she cultivates her talent for ballet at La Scala dance school.
At age 20, she first moves to Paris and then to New York where she pursues her passion for acting, taking classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and performing in off Broadway theaters. She subsequently travels almost worldwide, on her own, with a back-pack : Central and South America, Africa, India, the Middle East.
She returns to Milan in 2005, and she starts designing and making creative and unique jewelry pieces, with the influence and taste of her multi faceted experiences.

One day in the atelier

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was restlessly looking for ways to express herself in this world, jumping from one thing to another, from a character to another.
One day she found herself with a lot of stories to tell and a lot of things she collected here and there, and finally she sat down and started to use her hands to create jewelery which were wearable stories – stories of elegance, beauty, light and humour. She loved this game so much that she never got up from her working table, and that place became a world filled with many different worlds and rays of colours would shine forth from what she made and reach women all around the world.
One day she surely get up from her working table and stop playing this game, so it’s better to take advantage now and that is the end of this story.


An endless research, in Italy and elsewhere.
In the past necklaces where not merely precious or crafty objects to wear, they where protective jewels; a necklace was used to give a person protection and good fortune.
It often made a statement about who you where and what was your role among your people, not just for the way it looked or for the stones it was made of, but for the energy transmitted by it.
For this reason it became important to know who created the jewel: the person who picks that necklace choses the Energy of those who made it. This is the principle of all creative artefacts.
Every piece of Sveva Collection is carefully handmade and assembled in Italy, with passion and love.